Signs of Ill Health

by admin on July 17, 2010

Signs of ill health are actually the most significant signs of your dog’s health status. For instance, if your dog has nasal discharge continuously it signifies that your dog has nasal congestion and if the discharge of your dog is thick, the dog usually has pneumonia in such cases.

If your dog vomits once or twice occasionally then there is nothing to be considered seriously, but if it vomits frequently then you should take this as a serious matter and conduct immediate examine of your dog.

If your dog is undergoing frequent itching then one should firstly check up your dog by observing closely and then conduct skin test examination by separating their hair material, particular if they are long haired breeds. There are also the chances to you for arriving across the numerous lice or ticks on the skin that may appear apparently normal from the distance.

It doesn’t matter a lot if your dog passes the loose urine once or twice, but if this case is noticed in frequent manner, you should take an immediate step to solve this problem. In most of such cases, the dogs are suffered from the bowel disorders. Moreover, if your dog doesn’t passes stool at least once even after 2 to 3 days, then you can assume that your dog is undergoing digestive upsets and it’d be better to consult any animal physician regarding that issue.

Keep the patience and observe the walking movement of your dog because you can even find out the abnormal movements, if any. For example, if your dog is limping, then it may have the foot lesions. Likewise, if your dog is aged and has reluctant walking and intake less feed but release continuous vomiting, then there are maximum chances of being suffered with the acute renal disorders such as nephritis.

If the whiteness is noticed in your dog’s eyes, then your dog can be suffered with the severe diseases like trypanasomosis. Additionally, they may be suffered with wall white color, if they become anemic and the paleness appears in the eyes’ mucous membrane.

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