by admin on August 4, 2010

Rabies in Dogs:

It may be nearly impossible to see signs of the rabies virus before its incubation period of 3-11 weeks. The rabies virus affects the nervous system making symptoms vary between individual dogs.


Symptoms include:

• Sudden and severe behavioral changes (wanting more attention or less attention than normal)

• Paralysis (most commonly jaw and throat muscles producing excess saliva)

• Loss of appetite

• Nervousness

• Irritability

• Seizures

• Loss in muscle coordination

Diagnosis & Treatment:

Because rabies can have such a long incubation period it can be very difficult to diagnosis. If a dog is suspected of having rabies a laboratory test can be performed. Although there is no definitive treatment for the rabies virus and the virus ultimately leads to death, there are vaccines preventing this virus all together.

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