Nursing a Sick Dog

by admin on July 17, 2010

One key measure that every dog owners should understand of is nursing a sick dog. Likewise, whenever a dog undergoes any sort of suffering, the dog owner should give more care and affection at that period. Nursing a sick dog is usually regarded as a skillful art and this process must not be considered in a careless manner.

Keep in mind that a sick dog should always be offered with some additional care and affection-based activates. For instance, the dog suffering with high fever should not be feed with non-vegetarian items; bread pieces are suitable during that period. The dogs during that stage should be kept inside a calm room after once drug are given to them for proper medication. The dog should not be unnecessarily disturbed as well. The dog requires stroking and coaxing by the owner when applying medications. Never raise the head of your dog excessively for avoiding the flow of drugs being passed directly into the respiratory organs. Proper care should be given by providing warm fluids throughout the process of nursing.

The safely of the dog should be given more emphasis while nursing the dog. When your dog suffers by diarrhea, it exhibits the symptoms of dehydration. This is when you should provide your dog with small doses of salt and glucose water properly in cautious manner. Likewise, the vomiting dog also requires appropriate nursing care. In such cases, it is often good to provide ice cubes in addition to egg whites because it helps in smoothing the esophageal passage.

At present, a non-contact based infrared thermometer has been arrived at the market that can be used for obtaining the animals’ temperature without applying much stress. Keep your dog in a shaded area and room with good ventilation if its temperature is too high. However, if your dog is suffering through hypothermia, you then should give the warm blankets to your dog for providing them maximum comforts.

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