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Every day, you see, walking outside, different kinds of dogs. Like humans, they all have their particularities, those details that make that you recognize them. But have you ever thought about their illnesses. As you may know, dogs also have their own diseases, almost as much as humans. Because of this fact, I shall explain in this article an eye contamination, or illnesses observable at eye level, such as jaundice.


Jaundice isn’t an eye infection, but can be seen on the eye (a symptom). Actually, if you look carefully into its eyes, you shall see a light, pale, yellow coloration on the white part of the eye.

Note: To be sure that it’s really yellow, surf the Internet and find a dog’s normal eyes. It will be easier to see if it is really yellow.

If you are not sure your dog has the jaundice, check his oral mucous membranes (inside its mouth). If they are yellow too, then the chances he has increase by a lot. Actually, the white part of the eye and the oral mucous membranes are made of the same thing, they are mucous membranes.


The dog’s body produces every day millions of red globules, indispensable for it. But after a while, one hundred twenty days, to be right, they are destroyed by the spleen, which creates birilubin, a toxic substance. Nevertheless, the dog’s liver redeems them, and they become harmless. But, jaundice disorder the liver, and the birilubin stay in the organism.


Important: you must see your veterinarian! He will judge the situation, and determinate what is the most appropriate treatment to apply. The sooner the better, as the birilubin is very dangerous for the dog. He will first determinate the disease’s cause. The final score is the same (jaundice), but he can do much more precise treatment depending on the cause. Then, he will proceed. He could do something like interrupting the consumption of any substances susceptible of causing the illness. For example: interrupting the taking of medicine or the use of antiviral agents. In certain cases, the veterinarian will be in the obligation of making a minor operation, consisting in the gall-bladder’s ablation. You should not worry about this operation, if you deal with a qualified veterinarian. But, in other cases, if you have waited too long, it can be more delicate, and a major operation can be required. He may operate the biliary ways, the liver or its neighbors, the pancreas and the bowel.

A dog’s illness is always difficult to live. Your dog is a real member of your family. But don’t lose courage and stay strong, it will be healthier soon enough.

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