How To Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

by admin on July 18, 2010

Most people don’t even know you must brush your dog’s teeth. Not as often as you brush yours, obviously, but quite regularly. In this article, the main steps to brush your pet’s teeth will be explained. Also, you will see the things to do and not do when brushing. Good luck with oral hygiene!

Before Starting: How do you see if your dog has teeth problems?

Nothing is simpler: bring down its lips with your fingers (you can put on gloves, if you want) and observe carefully its gum. If it is dark, brown-red, you must act immediately. But, if it’s light pink, you’re alright. This doesn’t mean stopping brushing your dog’s teeth!

Be careful! Some dogs may bite you if you are hasty or in an agitated place.

1. Veterinarian

Nothing like a great escapade to the veterinarian! He will be pleased to make an all-around and complete oral cleaning. To determine when to visit the ‘dentist’, remember this little trick: it must go at veterinarian as often as you go to the dentist! It varies depending on persons, but it’s always about the same.
The veterinarian will proceed with a general anesthesia. The reason is that the veterinarian’s cleaning’s quality is as good as your cleaning when you go to the dentist.

2. The Process

Step 1: The Location
First, you MUST choose the ideal place. A closed, peaceful and quiet room is perfect.

Step 2: When?
The perfect time to brush your dog’s teeth is when he isn’t stressed. Suggestion: At the end of the day, when he’s still and tranquil.

Step 3: The First Days
To start, you must buy a fingerstall, as a normal brush is too tough for your dog, at the moment. But you will not use it with toothpaste for the moment. Your job now is that your dog gets used to you, playing with his chops. Just rub slowly its gum with the fingerstall.

Step 4: Then
Now, you must gradually apply toothpaste on ALL its teeth. Start with the first ones, and go slowly, very important. When it doesn’t react that much, you can go further, on the last, big teeth, profoundly in the mouth. Be careful!

Very Important!
Give a reward to your dog after each cleaning. It will associate the brushing to a pleasant activity. A cookie or a bone is perfect.

Brushing is a vital part of your dog’s global health. Be careful, as if you are too hasten, it can be potentially dangerous. Also, don’t use human toothpaste! The dog can swallow all of it, because it can spit, and it isn’t good for its body. Buy a toothpaste at your veterinarian.
Good luck!

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