How Much Should I Feed My Dog?

by admin on July 18, 2010

The answers of above question differ with the different person and their experience with the dogs. However, when it comes to scientific facts regarding the feeding aspects of dogs, more emphasis should be given throughout the feeding activities of dogs.

The puppies are usually not separated before they’re 8 weeks old. However, the orphaned puppies sometimes exist though. About 5% of body weight is usually considered as criteria of food quantity to be provided to the puppies. Actually, the amount of food to be consumed by the dogs varies with their size.

The standard method that most of the dog owners use for feeding their dogs is to feed them until their abdomen is visible to a moderate degree. If you’re going to feed the dogs without giving any priority in the appearance of their stomach, then the dog may undergo the digestive upsets and suffer from diarrhea.

This may result numerous inconveniences to both the puppy and the owner. Unlike mature dogs, the puppies should be fed with limited supply of food, but in more frequencies. Once the age of puppies increase, the food amount may also be increased in some extent, but the feeding frequency is usually decreased in maximum cases.

The dogs on the raw diet just consume up to 2 to 4 percent of their total body weight. You should always closely monitor your dog’s feeding pattern closely and its body proportion and condition. Reduce the food quantity if your dog becomes obese, and increase the amount of feeding items if your dog becomes thin.

Although the adolescent dogs and puppies consume more amount of food compared to adult dogs, the geriatric dog consumes less food items compared to the adult dogs because of the dog’s reduced movement. Remember, you should limit the protein amount throughout the feeding process of aged dogs.

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