Homemade Diets

by admin on July 18, 2010

When it comes to dog feeding, home made diets plays a significant role. Most of the commercial diets include the food materials that acquire artificial flavoring agents and coloring agents and these all negatively harms the body system of dogs. However, the freshness can be guaranteed if the dog diets are prepared in home.

In the point of view of health, the preservatives that have been added in commercial food materials may not be the appropriate ones for the dogs. The dogs with renal diseases are even recommended to provide home made diets including beard slices, ground beef, boiled eggs, calcium carbonate, etc.

The main reason behind this recommendation is to increase the restricted protein supply in prepared food items. This is necessary for being carried out in accompany of home made diets that are prepared particularly for the dogs affected by renal diseases. Moreover, the amount of water is added in adequate quantities for providing assistance in appropriate metabolism among the cases of digestion-impaired renal.

The dogs may experience the allergic signs such as severe itching and this may not be treated by several varieties of medications that are employed over certain duration of time. However, it is possible to easily treat such cases. All you need to do is provide home made food items instead of the commercial foods.

The home made diets are often prepared by applying freezing procedures in order to kill the entire germs or by adding up the grape seed extracts for providing the sufficient antioxidants to the home made diets. Additionally, the food grade vinegar is also usually mixed in the meat pieces that are freshly prepared. Moreover, all these can also be enriched with the vitamin supplements that are possible to access from the fish oil, fruit essences, etc.

Bananas, cranberry juice, meat and fish are prepared in a proper and adequate manner and preservatives are not added throughout the preparation process of these food items.

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