Heart Worm Prevention

by admin on July 17, 2010

There is availability of the beef flavored chunks in addition to beef flavored solutions or tablets out there in the market and these can be provided orally to your dogs as the solution against the heart worm’s affection. Build mosquito-proof shelter facilities for your dogs in order to prevent them from mosquito bites.

Gain knowledge if you need to take your dog at any heart worm prevention program throughout the year or you just need to go during some months only. For instance, in some countries, mosquitoes remain dormant mostly during the colder seasons and just yearly check up would be enough.

However, this is not the same in some other countries. More often, there is availability of medications for the oral administration in order to prevent the heart worms in addition to hookworms and other such harmful ones. This kind of oral medication should be taken according to the instructions provided. However, you should always be careful about the appearance of any adverse drug reactions in your dogs while giving such type of prophylactic therapy.

If you noticed any such adverse reaction throughout the treatment, you should send the report of adverse reactions to concerned department. The medical experts highly prefer the soft beet flavored tablets for the pets because it is the best preventive measure against the heart worms. The dog owner should consult a veterinarian in case the prophylaxis doses of heart worm are mistakenly missed for a few months. More often in such cases, the dogs have to go through test that is conducted for detection of heart worm, if any.

Sentinel, heartgard, revolution, interceptor, etc. are highly available in commercial arena as the drugs that can be used for treatment. Always avoid the water stagnation around your dog’s shelter as well as bushes around the areas since they facilitate breeding of the mosquitoes.

Another preventive measure of heart worms is to check up your dog when its age is of 6 months. Additionally, as a preventive measure, there is also availability of invermectin which is the real beef chewable tablets.

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