Heart Worm, Fleas and Other Parasites

by admin on July 17, 2010

The appropriate medications should be pursued for eliminating fleas, heart worm, and other several parasites in the dogs. There are numerous products that have been introduced in the commercial fields claiming to provide proper production to the dog from flea, heart worms, and other harmful parasites such as whip worms, lice, round worms, hook worms, ticks, etc.

Among the fleas, heart worm, and other such parasites, the fleas gain ability to generate the hyper sensitive reactions among the affected animals. That is why the animals that are affected with fleas often scratch their body in severe manner. Hence, the animals infested with fleas start severely scratching of body. In most cases, the scratching become extremely severe and dermatitis takes place in all the affected areas.

Animal will face difficulty in lying down or sleeping due to the continuous biting of the fleas. If this tick bite problem is not treated in time, the already affected areas will again invite secondary bacterial invasions, and this result is emanation of bad smell from the affected skin areas.

Close supervision of dog is extremely necessary to avoid the infection of fleas that disturbs the animal in a larger extent. Additionally, the animal’s skin should be tested in certain interval to check out if there is presence of lice, ticks, etc. For this purpose, the hair materials is needed to be separated as well as the close surveillance with patience is necessary for the suitable diagnosis.

In most of the cases, there is presence of anemia and the blood protozoa as well as hookworm problems should be ruled out. The clinical problems such as loose motion, anemia, pot belly, etc. are possible to recognize by the pet dog owners themselves. However, the dogs require undergoing routine health check up that includes hematological examination, fecal examination, and blood smear examination.

There are a wide range of commercial products that have been arrived in the market and it is even possible to treat all these problems just by using single dose of those products. Among such drug, invermectin hits the first rank as it is highly effective in solving such issues and available in both the injection and the oral form. In addition, the solution form is also available that can be applied over the dog’s skin.

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