Fleas and Other Parasites

by admin on July 17, 2010

The dog owners should always give a huge priority when it comes to fleas and other parasites. The ordinary incidences of the flea bite allergy in dogs’ case create anxious among most of the dog owners. Flea bite induces the allergic reactions in the regions bitten by fleas. Hence, the affected regions appear as hairless region and the dog starts scratching in a frequent manner at that area.

Fleas result in severe dermatitis among the species of dogs with the stern flea infestations. In most of the cases, the flea bite results in allergic reactions among the dogs. The dog usually experiences extremely stern discomforts because of those severe allergic reactions. However, there are available of medicated collars which are particularly designed for treating and preventing from the infestation that arrives with the external parasites such as fleas and ticks.

External parasites such as lice and licks, in addition to internal parasites such as round worms, hook worm, whip worms, etc. grounds severe affections in the animal’s health status. For example, if the dog is affected by hookworm, the chances of getting anemia in that dog are extremely high. The symptoms of anemia become more prominent which depend on the level of affection resulted by hookworm.

The hookworm larvae gain ability to affect ones by passing directly from the animal’s skin. The dog with such suffering experience skin rashes and they passes very loose urine that is red tinged and arrives in addition to blood materials.

If the number of round worms appears excessively, the affected puppies and dogs reveal a potbelly circumstance and their owners can easily recognize this increasing number. The oral route provides the Piperazine salts as the solution for this problem’s treatment. Additionally, broad-spectrum anthelmintics such as pyrantel pamoate, fenbendazole etc. are also provided to get rid off this suffering.

Numerous drugs have been arrived in the markets that are designed for treating the fleas and other parasites’ infections effectively. However, the highly preferred drug that most of medical experts use at present is the ivermectin.

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