Dry vs. Canned Food

by admin on July 17, 2010

These kinds of food materials differ with the different grades of taste by dogs. Dogs usually adore taking dry foods but it is better to provide them canned foods as their food sources. It is because the percentage of moisture in canned food items is about 70-80 percent, while it is just about 10 percent in dry food.

However, if we compare these two food stuffs according to the nutrients they includes, then the dry foods defeats the canned foods as it consist about 90 % nutrients which is far greater than the canned food containing less percentage of nutrients. The main fact behind canned food is that they are nothing more than soy products which have been structured in such a way as they appear as meat pieces.

The dogs should eat more quantity of the canned food stuffs compared to dry food stuffs for making up the proper nutritional balance inside their body system. Therefore, you just conduct a comparison regarding the cost factor that is associated to this feature. Most of the dry foods materials are rice and soybean based.

However, nowadays some of the dry food products are also available on corn based. Whereas, chicken and beef based food products are also available these days in the cans that arrives with vitamin and mineral suppliants that properly suits the health states of the dogs. In majority of cases, the larger dogs weighing more than 30 pounds these days are being feed with the semi-moist food items or the dry foods materials. The main reason behind this kind of feeding process is to provide satisfaction to the stomach’s food receptors. Since the normal dogs require a large amount of moist foods, the canned food items are best for them. However, this is not that practically possible in case of larger dogs.

Keep in mind that the dry foods’ caloric density should never be forgotten. The enriched dry food products are greatly welcome ones in comparison to the non -enriched food products.

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