Dog Distemper Symptoms

by admin on July 17, 2010

Distemper is a common illness that affects a lot of animal families, every year. The domestic dogs are the principal victims of this serious, viral malady. Although it isn’t the same disease as the feline distemper, it has similar particularities and is also dangerous. In this article, I’ll explain the main symptoms of the canine distemper. You must see a veterinarian if one of these symptoms affects your dog!

Intestinal Symptoms

Common intestinal symptoms are vomiting and diarrhea. It s maybe vague, but if your dog suffers from these signs, stay alert. Your dog can also lose its appetite, which brings a lost of weigh. At worse stages of the illness, it can do urination and defecation without knowing it!

Respiration Symptoms

There is also another type of physiological symptom: respiration symptoms. Actually, it’s pretty simple: the respiration is laboured and difficult, very tough, and your dog coughs. The nose can also be runny.

Other Physiological Symptoms

In the other symptoms, there are the lost of saliva and the dehydration. It can be dangerous for the dogs, as every living being needs water to live.

Sensitivity, Seizures and Convulsions

Now, there is this other type of symptom, which affects the brain: the neurological symptoms.

The dog can be sensitive to intense light, and may suffer incoherent movements, such as incoordination. It may also suffer of increased senses, but in the bad way; if you touch or hurt it, it will be at least twenty times worse for it than it would normally be. It may less move around, because its motor abilities will be greatly reduced. In certain cases, the dog regrettably gets blind or become paralysed. So act fast!

Another bad aspect of the neurological symptoms is the seizures and convulsions. For the seizures, they put in hostage a group of muscles, which twitch and this, while the dog isn’t manifesting any control. The more the situation worsens, and the more the dog is taken by convulsions. Sometimes, it can fall on the side and stir fervently. It is fairly dangerous. I still repeat it: consult your veterinarian in the slightest of these symptoms!

Canine Distemper is a horrible illness; please do something before it gets too late. It may be costly, but do it… do it for your dog!

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