Dog Broken Leg Symptoms

by admin on July 17, 2010

As you may know, your body has over two thousands bones, from the little finger to the skull. Although they are solid, they can break with high pressure and strength.

Your dog’s body is also made of hundreds of bones, and they can also break! However, the injuries are more caused by their mistakes and imprudence… In this article, I shall explain the dog broken leg symptoms, as sometimes, your dog will ignore pain…


If you check your dog’s leg, and it is misshapen, there is obviously a problem. But, before calling the veterinarian, be sure it isn’t a mind trick or an optical illusion… Also, if you see it is clearly moved of the place it’s probably broken, so call the veterinarian. Well, before, confirm your supposition with the clues below.


If your dog has a broken leg, it’s obvious that it will move less all around the house and will limit its exits outside the house. Also, you shall see your animal friend walk with less confidence. It has difficulty to transport its own body, as it weighs a lot now that it has a broken leg!

Sitting down and stretching out

It is likely that your dog, if it has a broken leg, refuses categorically to stretch out on the ground or to sit down, what is perfectly understandable. If you have a broken arm, you will not use it to cook, play sports or simply navigate on the Web as you do at the moment! It is the same thing for your dog, because to sit down and to stretch out are part of its daily life.

“Side drops”

When it has a broken leg, your dog may do ‘side-drops’. When I say side-drops, I mean that, because it cannot stretch out or sit down, it will weakly drop on the side, to rest and calm its pain. It is an important sign that it has a broken limb, so pay attention…

Licking, blood and moaning

First, for the licking, it’s quite simple: since your dog suffers from its fracture, it will lick it to ‘heal’ the pain. Note that it’s joint can be swollen, and it’s worse if it is…

Then, for the blood section, it’s even harder for your dog, and dangerous. If it bleeds, it means the wound is deeper and needs more care. Bring your dog immediately to the veterinarian. Your dog will moan for almost all injuries, but as I said, there are dogs who will not demonstrate any pain sign.

That’s all for dog broken leg symptoms. I hope it will help you. My advice: when you discover that your dog has a fracture, bring it INSTANTLY at the veterinarian!

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