Dog Breeds

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BreedOriginColorsWeightActivity LevelTemperament
AffenpinscherAffenpinscherGermanyBlack, Gray, Tan, Red7-10 lbsModerateQuite/Alert
Afghan HoundAfghan HoundAfghanistanVaries50-60 lbsModerateIndependent/Playful
AinuAinuJapanBlack, White, Gray, Red, Brindle45-65 lbsHighStrong Minded
Airedale TerrierAiredale TerrierGreat BritianBrown and Black with White Markings45-50 lbsHighDevoted/Protective
Akbash DogAkbash DogTurkeyWhite, Cream75-140 lbsLow to ModerateIntelligent/Independent
AkitaAkitaJapanVaries70-130 lbsModerateLoyal/Guard Dog
Alaskan Klee KaiAlaskan Klee KaiUnited StatesGray and White/ Black and White/ Red and WhiteVariesHighLoyal/Guard Dog
Alaskan MalamuteAlaskan MalamuteUnited StatesWhite, Gray, Black, Red75-85 lbsHighGentle/Intelligent
American BulldogAmerican BulldogGreat Britain Varies60-120 lbsHighGentle/Guard Dog
American Eskimo DogAmerican Eskimo DogGermanyWhite or White with CreamVariesModerateFriendly/Intelligent
American FoxhoundAmerican FoxhoundUnited StatesVariesVariesHighFriendly/Energetic
American Pit Bull TerrierAmerican Pit Bull TerrierUnited StatesVaries35-60 lbsHighConfident/Friendly
American Staffordshire TerrierAmerican Staffordshire TerrierUnited StatesVaries40-80 lbsHighFriendly/Gentle
American Water SpanielAmerican Water SpanielUnited StatesShades of Brown25-45 lbsHighFriendly/Intelligent
Anatolian Shepherd DogAnatolian Shepherd DogTurkeyVaries85-140 lbsModerateProtective/Affectionate
Apline DachsbrackeApline DachsbrackeAustriaWhite with Markings25-50 lbsModerateIntelligent/Outgoing
AppenzellerAppenzellerSwitzerlandBlack, Brown with White Markings45-55 lbsHighPlayful/Affectionate
Australian Cattle DogAustralian Cattle DogAustraliaBlue with Markings (Black, Tan, Red)30-55 lbsHighLoyal/Energetic
Australian KelpieAustralian KelpieAustraliaBlack, Blue, Red with Markinsg35-45 lbsHighIntelligent/Active
Australian ShepherdAustralian ShepherdUnited StatesMerle (Blue, Red, Black, Tan)35-75 lbsHighFriendly/Intelligent

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