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Dog Labor Symptoms

Dogs are like humans, and experience as such reasonably similar dog labor symptoms. However, as a result of being dogs, they have some symptoms to themselves. We have attempted to make a list of all the symptoms they exhibit below. If we have missed anything, don’t hesitate to drop us an email at webmaster [at]

So, without further ado, look out for the following signs:

  • Refusal to eat: Dogs always have an appetite unless they are sick or experiencing dog labor symptoms. This should always be a telltale sign, as it is one of the more obvious symptoms. Look out for it, and don’t overlook it.
  • Vomiting and shivering: Just as the bitch refuses to eat, she will often vomit out the contents of her stomach. She may shiver as well. The best thing you can do is to provide her with nice, fresh water when she wants it, to minimize discomfort.
  • Finding a den: As a instinctive reaction, the dog will look for an enclosed place or hidey-hole where they can give birth in privacy. One common place is under a bed, because it is dark and the dog feels safe. To avoid the dog finding an inconvenient spot, it is best that you find her somewhere or create a den before the birth.
  • Temperature drop: It is usual for a dog’s temperature to drop prior to delivery. A typical temperature for a normal dog is 100-102 degrees, and when this temperature drops below 100 degrees, you will know that labor is imminent.
  • Wanting someone nearby: Just like human mothers going into pregnancy, pregnant dogs like to have someone nearby, just as a comfort. It is important that you stay with her, as you should be trying to make the delivery as painless and comfortable as possible.

Of course, the only person who knows your dog well is you, so if you notice any unusual behaviour or symptoms, bear in mind that your dog could be approaching labor. Trust your intuition and always be on your guard.

Unlike humans, a dog pregnancy can last as little as two and half months, so be prepared. Talk to your vet and try to feed your dog on a high quality diet during the pregnancy. Remember that for the dog, comfort is everything, so you ought to do everything you can to ensure it. The dog labor symptoms are telltale, so be aware!