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Dog Pregnancy Symptoms

You know that your dog was ‘hit’ by a stud, and now you are expecting her to bear puppies in the coming months. And as her master, you must be keen enough to take note of the dog pregnancy symptoms. This will enable you to deliver the best approach in caring for your expecting canine friend.

Unlike human beings, dogs usually endure the pregnancy state for at least sixty (60) days or for about two months, instead of nine months as with the human mother. But akin to what is being experienced by pregnant women, female dogs, or are accurately called as ‘bitch’, also submit themselves to various signs of pregnancy, namely the early signs, the progressing signs, and the late signs.

In the early signs of dog pregnancy, the first thing you should expect is the behavioral change. Most of the time she wants you to leave her alone, and she is not in the mood for play and recreation. Moreover, she will also lose her interest to eat or consume her food. You do not have to worry about this, because it is normal for pregnant dogs to experience these on the first few days of pregnancy. These are probably because of the hormonal changes taking place within her body to welcome the development of the new embryo inside her womb.

Also as part of the hormonal modifications, the nipples of your female canine friend will also be enlarged. This is the most noticeable physical sign that you can observe when a dog undergoes pregnancy. Bulging of the nipples is also one way to prepare for the lactation process.

The progressing sings of dog pregnancy are usually more of a gain than a lost. That is, your bitch will experience increase in appetite after a month from the first day when the early sign first manifested. There is a boost in appetite because she needs to support her nutritional demands, as well as, the needs of the fetus inside her womb.

In addition to this progressing sign, your dog will also increase in weight, simply because she is having a load inside her womb, and it will be getting heavier as the days go by.

The late signs of dog pregnancy will definitely be manifested by your bitch in the last week before giving birth. This will include a very visible enlargement of the abdominal area, because of the increase of fetal size. Some dogs, especially some particular breeds, the womb may contain more than one fetus. Thus you should expect a very heavy load for your female canine friend to carry.

Another late sign is the movement of the puppies inside the womb that can be felt upon palpation. This is a good sign because they are alive and active. You should congratulate your dog because at this point, she has endured her pregnancy state very well as she comes to the homestretch.

You will also notice some milk droplets in the nipples of your dog. This is another late sign that will signal you to prepare yourself to welcome the new members of your household.

When the final day arrives, your dog will first find her nesting site, where she can deliver her puppies. Don’t stop her from getting to the place she desires best, because she knows where she will find a comfortable birthing zone.

Aside from these natural expressions of dog pregnancy symptoms, you can also confirm if your dog is pregnant by bringing her to the veterinary clinic for ultrasound.