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Female Dog Heat Symptoms

Your female dog is a living creature, specifically she is a mammal. And just like any other female mammals on earth, just like women, your dog also undergoes the so called ‘female dog heat symptoms‘ at some times in her life.

The heat cycle process is a way to send signal to male dogs around the block, that she is ready for the mating season. After noting it, you may react violently, or you may be happy for your female canine friend, because at last, she can give birth to more puppies that you wanted most.

You should be aware of the signs and symptoms of the heat cycle in order to take care of your female dog at this point of her life means. Knowing such will alert you in making a decision if you want your dog to bear puppies or not.

The heat cycle period happens every six months, and it will last for twenty-one days or for about three weeks. And within that time span, there will be only two to three days when she will actually be ready to have her eggs fertilized by a sperm.

The first set of symptoms that she will probably manifest includes licking her external reproductive organ, or the vulva. It is so frequent that oftentimes you will be annoyed why she does that. There will be swelling of her vagina, so you will notice that there is an increase in its size.

After which, she will experience bleeding from her vagina, similar to female persons undergoing their menstrual period. The bleeding sign is also called the ‘spotting,’ and there will be dark red bloody discharges noted. It will be quite profuse, but as the days go by, the amount will be lessened, and the color of the discharges will turn to a lighter shade of red.

As she is getting ready for the perfect time of mating, you will notice that her tail will not be in a normal angle. She will bend it to either left or right side in an unusual manner. Moreover, you will also detect that she empties her bladder or urinates frequently. This female dog heat symptom will alert you the most, especially if you don’t want her to bear puppies yet, because urinating from spot to spot means that she is giving a ‘Go’ signal for male dogs to mate with her. So if you took her out at the park and she urinated everywhere, expect a lot of male dogs to visit her more frequently at your home.

If you want to confirm the heat cycle of your dog, you should try to visit a veterinarian to confirm the changes taking place in her. The veterinarian can also assist you on what to expect during this time, and what you can do about it. He can even make some examinations that will tell you when is the best time for your dog to mate during the course heat cycle.

These are the most common female dog heat symptoms that you should be aware of. Don’t panic if your dog starts to scatter dark red spots around your home, because she is only undergoing a normal physiological process all female mammals are going through.