Bathing a Dog

by admin on July 17, 2010

A lot of emphasis is necessary to be given, when it comes to dog bathing. It is very necessary to do so because if you don’t then the various infections can affect your dog. For instance, if you don’t place a large cotton ball in your dog’s ear while bathing, the water may enter inside your dog’s ear canals and may lead to some ear infections that arrive with certain symptoms such as constant discharge from the ears and frequent shaking of the head.

The bathing frequency actually varies according to the dog’s breed. If the dog is hairy in nature such as cocker spaniel, then the dog bathing is necessary to be done once in 6 to 8 weeks. These breeds should not be bathed frequently because if they are bathed constantly, as a result, the coat and skin loose the defensive characters.

You should cautiously choose the soap for your dog avoiding some human soaps or irritant soaps. Keep in mind that the soap materials that human beings use don’t suits for the dogs’ nature. Similarly, most of the shampoo products that human beings use harm the health of dogs when they are mixed in bathing process of dogs. Therefore, always use to shampoo products that are especially manufactured for dogs bathing purpose.

You should always have patience and good time for the products needed during dog bathing process at one place with the sufficient availability of water source. Dogs adore the sprinkling of rivers and oceans. Even if you’re using bathtub to bath your dog, set up each and everything at a single place and then begin your dog bathing process. Always try to have a conditioner, towel, leash and shampoo at the bathing place.

The Conditioner is very helpful during the bathing process as it assists in combing the dog hairs afterwards. Bathing should always be a handy activity for both the dog and its owner because if it becomes burden it leads to some harm.

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