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Kidney Disease

Chronic Kidney Disease or Kidney Failure:

The kidney is responsible for filtering waste from the blood. When the kidney is not function correctly or to its full ability then waste can build up within the body and cause life threatening damage to the body. Chronic kidney disease in dogs is most often a result from an inherited predisposition and old age.

There are 4 stages that classify the severity of kidney disease:

Stage I:
• No significant signs, but can be determined by a lab test
Stage II & III: The earliest signs include:
• Excessive thirst
• Urination
Stage IV symptoms include:
• Vomiting
• Lethargy
• Loss of appetite
• Weight loss
• Dehydration
• Sores in the mouth
• Vomiting
• Diarrhea


Kidney disease is most commonly diagnosed during the later stages from the lack of visible symptoms. The most common way to diagnoses is a urine or blood test, but can also be determined by x-rays and sonograms.


Kidney disease usually results in scarring of the kidneys and cannot be stopped but it can be slowed down through treatment. Your veterinarian will suggest a special diet, medication, and regular visits for testing. Supplements such as fish oil and vitamins are may also be recommended.